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•We have a water leak on 2nd and Congdon.

•Please avoid driving over affected area.

•Please conserve water usage to put less stress on the system.

•We are working on rectifying the situation. Repairs will be made Friday or Saturday.

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Community Dog Spay Project

This project provides $250 per spay surgery of one female dog per owner in rural Yukon communities. Funding is available on a first come, first served basis, for a maximum of 115 dogs per year.

As of September 11, 2017, there are funds for 62 spay surgeries remaining.

The goals of this project include: improving animal welfare and public safety, reducing the number of unwanted dogs, and helping offset travel costs for residents of rural Yukon communities to access spay surgery.

This project replaces the vouchers that were formerly available through Humane Society Yukon and incorporates many of the improvements that were suggested by the evaluation of that project.

Get information about the Spay-Neuter Program evaluation
Several municipal and First Nation governments have supported sterilization of pets owned by members of their community in the past and some of these governments provided funding to dog owners.

Dog owners may wish to contact their local government to determine whether they will provide some funds to help pay for the spay surgery.