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Regular Council meetings are held the first and third Wednesday of the month, except in the summer months of July, August, and September when there will be only one regular Council meeting a month.


Thank you letter to the residents of Mayo

Mayor Bolton and Council want to express their sincere gratitude to the residents of Mayo for enduring the water shut offs, temporary water lines, water/sewer main line work, ripped up streets and detours these past two seasons.

The Village of Mayo is working with the Government of Yukon to get the two major projects of the 2015 summer (water/sewer main line replacement and Pumphouse Upgrades) completed before freeze up.

Large projects such as Mayo’s water/sewer main line and valve replacements and Pumphouse Upgrades (tie-in of 4 new wells, new Chlorination Room, new UV filters, new roof, new fencing, etc.) are very expensive and  take many years of preparations to get the necessary funding in place.  The Village of Mayo Council lobbied the Government of Yukon on a regular basis and identified our local priorities.  It takes millions of dollars to replace the 20-30 year old water/sewer main lines and valves that have been causing ongoing problems in the community in the past years, as well as completing the pumphouse upgrades.

Thanks to the Federal Build Canada Funding (BCF) there is no direct charge to the Village of Mayo for these multi-million dollar projects.  The Government of Yukon (YG) was able to assist Mayo by contracting Stantec in 2012 to complete an engineering study of all the water/sewer main lines and older residential water/sewer services in Mayo. This study identified the most critical sections of main lines that needed to be replaced.

The Village of Mayo Council continued to lobby the Government of Yukon and was approved for a $3,000,000 BCF project (Phase 1) which allowed for replacement of the most badly damaged water/sewer main lines and valves on First Avenue, Second Avenue, Third Avenue, Fourth Avenue, and a section of Centre Street.  Due to the large scope of the project YG agreed to manage the project on the Village’s behalf.  YG put out the tenders, hired the contractor (Norcope) and Engineer (Opus Dayton Knight), and oversaw and managed this very large project in our community.  This water/sewer main line replacement project also includes new fire hydrants, new ditching and culverts in all areas where the water/sewer main lines are being replaced.  This will ensure that storm water drains to the Stewart and Mayo Rivers rather than pooling in the ditches around the community.   Once the water/sewer main line work is completed the streets will be resurfaced.  The resurfacing will take place once the water/sewer main line replacement work is fully completed.  Council is planning to have the roads re-surfaced with asphalt rather than BST.  Asphalt is a much more durable product than BST and should endure the wear and tear of vehicle traffic much better than BST.  During this phase of the project, the Village is committed to rectifying any grade, or landscaping damage that the construction may have caused.

YG was also the project manager for the Pumphouse Upgrade Project and hired the Engineer (Associated Engineering) and general contractor (Sidhu Trucking) and managed and oversaw the project this project which is scheduled to be completed end of October.

Council is confident that their continued lobbying efforts will ensure that more of the aging water/sewer main lines can be replaced in the upcoming years with Build Canada Funding, at no charge to the Village of Mayo.

The Village of Mayo apologizes for the inconvenience this construction has caused through-out the summer, however this work was necessary to ensure a future of abundant safe drinking water supply, minimal sewer malfunctions, and beautiful streets to drive on.

On behalf of Council and myself, I want to thank the residents of Mayo for their patience and understanding during the very busy construction season.


Scott Bolton



Mission Statement

“It is the mission of the corporation of the Village of Mayo to provide a safe and healthy community for the citizens.

In addition, it is our belief that a healthy community of the future will include a harmonious relationship between the First Nation Government and ourselves, and to that end we will promote cooperative community planning between the First Nation and ourselves.”