Mayo Cemetery

The Mayo Cemetery was established in the early 1900s for the burial of human remains and ashes. It is located approx. 3 km from the Mayo town site, adjacent to the Mayo Airport. The Village of Mayo operates the Mayo Cemetery since incorporation in 1984. When a request is received from a resident that one of his/her family members has passed away, the family will identify a suitable burial site at the Mayo Cemetery together with a Village of Mayo Staff member. The Village of Mayo will issue a cemetery licence with the information provided by the family and record the location of the grave and the name of the deceased in their files. The Village charges a fee for the interment. Public Works Staff prepare the grave prior to the date and time of the scheduled burial. The family may provide a memorial not exceeding the dimensions laid out in the cemetery bylaw. The memorial shall be installed on a base provided by the Village of Mayo. If the family chooses not to provide a memorial, the Village of Mayo will erect a small sign identifying the grave site.

Village of Mayo Staff perform regular yearly maintenance on the cemetery grounds in the summer months.

Application for Cemetery License


Pioneer Cemetery

The Village of Mayo also maintains the small pioneer cemetery, near the junction with the Silver Trail Highway. Several graves from the early 1900 are at this small site which is only 1 km from the town site. No new burials will be permitted at this site.