Protective Services

The community of Mayo’s Protective Services are comprised of a Volunteer Fire Department, Emergency Medical Services (YG), the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Municipal Enforcement. Our mission is to have a safe community in which to live and raise future generations.

Fire and Medical Services – both of these emergency responder programs are supported by volunteers who dedicate many hours in an effort to improve quality of life in our community. Ongoing training is a commitment made by these individuals in order to be progressive, modern and proactive.

RCMP – The Royal Canadian Mounted Police provides police service to the community of Mayo and surrounding area.

Municipal Enforcement – Municipal Enforcement responds to public complaints and enforces Municipal Bylaws and select Territorial Statutes.

The Village of Mayo’s Protective Services Department includes Fire Protection and Emergency Measures Services.

The municipality has a Fire Hall, 2 Fire Trucks, 1 Emergency Vehicle (pickup), a variety of Fire Department Equipment, and a fire hydrant system throughout the community.

The Mayo Volunteer Fire Department is made up of a Volunteer Fire Chief, a Deputy Fire Chief, a Fire Training Officer, and up to 12 Volunteer Fire Department Members.


Volunteers are a very important part of our community and the Village’s ability to protect property and lives of Mayo’s citizens.

The Village of Mayo has a joint agreement with the First Nation of Na-Cho Nyak Dun for fire protection services for First Nation’s buildings located outside the Village of Mayo boundaries.

The Village of Mayo has an Emergency Measures Plan in place for responding to emergencies inside municipal boundaries.

The Village of Mayo works in a partnership with Wildland Fire Management for the removal of flashy fuels within the community. Please do not attempt to do this yourselves….leave it to the professionals! Any burning that is to be done between the dates of April 1st through September 31st must be done with a permit. Permits can be obtained from the Wildland Fire Management Office.

Protective Services YG Grass Fire 8

Public Works Staff provide bylaw services, such as animal control and mosquito control inside municipal boundaries.

Residents encouraged to abide by Animal Control Bylaw #92.

Dogs roaming around threaten our public safety. Please ensure control of your pets. Spending a few nights with us can be costly!