Environmental Health

“Scope of practice in environmental health” means the practice of environmental health by registered environmental health specialists in the public and private sector and includes, but is not limited to, organization, management, education, enforcement, consultation, and emergency response for the purpose of prevention of environmental health hazards and the promotion and protection of the public health and the environment in the following areas: food protection; housing; institutional environmental health; land use; community noise control; recreational swimming areas and waters; electromagnetic radiation control; solid, liquid and hazardous materials management; underground storage tank control; onsite septic systems; vector control; drinking water quality; water sanitation; and emergency preparedness.


The Village of Mayo Environmental Health Department is responsible for the maintenance of the water system, the sewer system, the lift station, and the sewage lagoon. The facilities include the drinking water wells, the warm water wells, the pump house, the water reservoir, the valve chamber, the lift station, the sewage lagoon and many kilometers of water/sewer main lines.

Village Staff operate the Village’s water/sewer system in accordance with federal and territorial laws. Village Staff have to attend several training courses on an annual basis to obtain and subsequently keep their certification as water system operators.

pure water

Working on the water/sewer system includes providing safe drinking water to the residents of Mayo, samples of our drinking water are sent to Environmental Health Services on a bi-weekly schedule to test for contaminants. Mayo is happy to report that its drinking water samples have been clean and free from contaminants for many decades. Environmental Health Staff maintain the main sewer lines by flushing them on a regular basis; by thawing frozen water and sewer lines; by digging up and repairing broken water & sewer mains and residential service lines as necessary.

The Village of Mayo has an agreement with the First Nation of Na-Cho Nyak Dun for the provision of water/sewer services.