Ongoing Projects

The Village of Mayo has several ongoing projects:

1) New Fire Hall
Construction spring – fall 2020, Federal BCF and YG funding

2) Water and Sewer Main Line Replacement
Mayo Phase 3 Area 3 (2nd Avenue, 3rd Avenue, Congdon Street, Mayo Street) Summer 2020 to Fall 2021 – replacement of aging water/sewer main lines; Federal and Territorial Funding

3) Water and Sewer Main Line Replacement – Warranty Work
Mayo Phase 3 Area 1 (1st Avenue, Duncan Avenue, Montreal Street, Quebec Street) – minor work, addressing some deficiencies; Federal and Territorial Funding

4) Mayo Reservoir
Summer 2020 – addressing deficiencies; Federal and Territorial Funding

5) Drinking Water Well, Water Treatment Plant upgrades
Scoping for additional drinking water well; Federal and Territorial Funding

6) Public Works Facility Upgrades
Project is in design phase. Anticipated renovation in 2020/21. Federal and Territorial Funding

7) Pool Boiler and environmental health upgrades
Design completed. Waiting for funding. Anticipated for 2020/21.

8) Mayo Water Treatment Plant (WTP) Flow Meter
Invitational Tender. Anticipated in 2020

9) Lift Station Auto Dialer
Commissioning phase. Consultant needs to reprogram SD Card. Anticipated in 2020

10) Water Treatment Plant Special Operating Procedures
Engineer/Consultant to assist with the development of SOP’s for Mayo WTP. Anticipated in 2020

11) Mayo Arena Upgrades
Foundation assessment. Spring 2020. Scoping for future upgrades.

12) Binet House Renovations
Exterior renovations (painting, roof, railing, stairs, walkway, etc.). Awaiting funding.
Anticipated in 2020