Ongoing Projects

The Village of Mayo has several ongoing projects:


Mayo Infrastructure Phase 3 – Water, Sewer, Roads & Ditching


        i)  First Ave, Duncan Ave, Montreal St and Quebec St

  1. ii) Center Street, 4th, 5th 6th


  • Work completed:

Gravel production at the km 49 pit is complete this should be enough materials for the entire project. We will also prep the sliding hill area for excavation and haul bedding stone in from the km 77 pit to the old “Blue Box” location (1000m3) in advance of the main construction next year.


  • Next Steps:

Engineering Request for Proposal has closed and 7 have been received for evaluation by YG and VoM staff. The plan is for awarding late October early November 2016. Construction for the remaining work will start late spring / early summer 2017. VoM should expect to be under construction for the next 4 to 5 years.


  • Funding :

7 million has been approved under the CWWF (Clean Water & Wastewater Fund) and the remaining funds required (+/- 8mil) will be submitted to Canada through Small Communities Fund.



New Reservoirs & Water Treatment Plant Upgrades


  • Work Completed:

The design works are complete and the main base pad has been constructed


  • Next Steps:

Compile design documents with YG tender documents (plan to issue tender in early November). Construction of 2 new water reservoirs, new office & lab area and other mechanical or system upgrades to begin in the spring 2017 and last 1 year.


  • Funding:

4.5 million, already approved under Small Communities Fund and by YTG Management Board.




Fire Hall


  • Work Completed:

Stantec under contract to complete conceptual engineering for the project.


  • Next Steps:

Arrange project kick-off meeting with YG, VOM & Stantec. Complete conceptual work by December, this will be the basis for the design work, have Request for Proposal for remaining design works issued in January 2017. Hopefully have construction start in 2017, might be delayed until 2018 if regulatory approvals cannot be completed in time.


  • Funding:

Small Communities Fund (TBD)



Lift Station Upgrades


  • Work Completed:

Assessment of the existing condition of the lift station was completed by Opus earlier this year.

The design contract to progress the upgrades through construction has now been awarded to Opus.

Major components of the project include: replacement of the pumps, HVAC ducting and fans, electrical system and control improvements, and providing additional access to the forcemain.


  • Next Steps:

Design work will take place over the winter in preparation for construction to begin next spring.


  • Funding:

1.5 million has been approved under CWWF (clean water & wastewater fund).