Ongoing Projects

The Village of Mayo has several ongoing projects:


Water Treatment Plant (WTP)

1. Both new reservoirs have been evaluated by a third-party engineering firm and a report has been prepared for Wildstone. We are waiting for a written plan for scheduled repairs, hopefully by fall 2021.

2. A new Cold Water Well was drilled in the fall of 2020. The design for connecting this new well into the WTP is delayed. Piping and installation of the well pump may take place in late 2021 or 2022. We are also working towards extending the well field protection area (fenced) west of the WTP.

3. We are planning to have two new Warm Water Wells (geo-exchange wells) drilled, and connected to the Water Treatment Plant heat exchange system, once the regulatory bodies have given approval. This project is anticipated to take place in 2022.

4. A new propane backup boiler has been designed and is scheduled to be installed in the Water Treatment Plant by late 2021. This boiler will provide a back-up to our current geo-exchange water heating system as well as heat the facility.
The temporary backup boiler located outside the WTP which was necessary when one of our two old warm water wells quit working, will be removed, once the permanent boiler is being installed.

5. The removal of old “1960’s Pump House including haz mat abatement” and the removal of the fire siren tower east of the WTP is taking place in the summer 2021. A new siren will be installed at the new firehall location.

Water and Sewer

1. Water/Sewer Main Line Replacement Project, Phase 3, Area 3
Norcope returned mid-June to complete a section of water/sewer main line work on Centre Street from 2nd to 3rd Avenue, and the road and ditching work on Mayo Street, 2nd Avenue West, and Congdon Street. This project is supposed to be completed by August 2021.

2. Water/Sewer Main Line Replacement Project, Phase 4 – This project will take place on Center Street from 2nd Avenue to 5th Avenue and on parts of 4th and 5th Avenues. Work may start this fall, but more likely in 2022, due to the long lead times required in obtaining piping supplies for the project.
3. Valve Chamber electrical work is in the process of being completed to bring the old underground service to above ground service.


1. A new boiler and some new piping were installed at the Swimming Pool in the spring 2021. This boiler will heat the pool water along with the pool solar unit for years to come.

2. The old inefficient lights at the Hockey Arena are scheduled for replacement with LED lighting in 2021.

3. New Arena Changerooms are planned for 2022. The new building will be located between the Community Hall and the Arena.

4. Community Center/Curling Lounge/Village Office Energy Upgrades are planned. Lighting upgrades to LED lights have taken place in the building in early 2021. Plumbing upgrades and mechanical system upgrades and recommissioning are planned for 2021/2022.

5. Binet House Museum interior and exterior upgrades were completed over 2018-2021.
Public Works

1. Public Works Shop Upgrades are planned for 2022.

2. Solid Waste/Landfill Upgrades are planned for the upcoming years.
This could include weigh scales, an attendant shed, garbage haul inside the community, etc.
Protective Services

1. The new Fire Hall Building was completed in early 2021. Some deficiencies are still being addressed. Emergency Services, Yukon Housing Office, and CIBC Office are located in this new building, in addition to the Mayo Volunteer Fire Department.

2. Erosion along Mayo River
The Village has identified some areas of concern and is working with YG on how to address this. YG is looking into the areas of erosion along the Mayo River that could have the potential to impact the community at some time. YG is looking into required regulatory approvals prior to placing rip rap armoring along one or several sections of the river.