Landfill Hours

 Monday – Friday (CLOSED WEDNESDAYS) : 9am-6pm
 Saturday and Sunday: 9am-8pm

The Village of Mayo operates the Mayo Solid Waste Management Facility in accordance with the Waste Management Permit that is issued by the Yukon Department of Environment and in accordance with its Solid Waste Bylaw.

Residential and commercial customers must obtain a permit prior to depositing their solid waste at the Mayo Solid Waste Management Facility.

The annual permit fee for a residential customer is $80.
The annual permit fee for a commercial customer is $160.
The seasonal permit fees are:
Residential 3 Month is $25.
Residential 6 Month is $40.
Commercial 3 Month is $50.
Commercial 6 Month is $80.00

Other fees also apply as per Schedule A of the Solid Waste Bylaw #300.

The Village of Mayo also issues scavenging permits to customers (upon request) to allow them to remove and recycle items that have been deposited at the Mayo Solid Waste Management Facility.
There is no charge for an annual scavenging permit.

Permit to dispose of Solid Waste
Permit to scavenge at the Mayo Solid Waste Management Facility

Public Works Staff maintain the facility by ensuring that it is kept organized and clean, ensuring the safety of the public, and that waste items are separated into general household waste, brush and untreated wood products, construction materials, washers/dryers, stoves, tires, scrap vehicles, and scrap metal, etc. Waste Oil is not accepted at this facility. Burning of household waste is not permitted. All batteries are to be taken to the Recycling Center for proper disposal.

An electrified fence has been placed around the perimeter of the household waste area in an attempt to minimize access by wildlife such as bears, wolves, coyotes, etc.

Landfill signs